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A Special Kind of Foundation Repair Company

Start with Honesty – On most days we see about 25% of the homes we inspect don’t need any work at all. If that is the case we’ll tell you.

Choices – Every foundation is unique. If all you have a few spots in a floor that are sagging a bit or making noise you don’t need a whole bunch of unnecessary fixes that cost a lot. We give you clear and sensible choices. Together we’ll find the right solution that works for you. We won’t waste your money.

Guarantee our work – We’ve been at this Since 1987. Our reputation is one of excellence and keeping our word and backing up our work with no hassle service. That is why we get a lot of work from past customer referrals.

Why use Musick?Angies List  - Musick House Leveling

  • 6,500 homes repaired since 1987.
  • Local offices in Belleville, serving 100 mile area in Illinois and Missouri
  • Straight talk foundation repair estimates based on your needs.
  • Multiple options on how to repair uneven homes and floors.
  • Work that is guaranteed in writing.
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